NTools SP 15015 HM 5/16''


Working disc, 5/16, 10mm thin / 150517

Professional working disc NTools made of hard, very durable laminate and mechanically resistant to deformation of polyurethane foam, which allows for precise control of the grinding process, thanks to a very good balance and stability.

The special design of the Velcro and the design of the holes in the shield allows you to interact with the majority of commercially available sanding while providing very good suction dust during sanding.


& ndash; Standard diameter 150 mm;
& Ndash; connecting sandpaper with Velcro;
& Ndash; mounting the wheel to the grinder for encased thread 5/16 & rdquo;;
& Ndash; 15 holes in the working portion of the disc (6 including the suction and 8 connected labyrinthine one center); further disc is provided with a so-called. side channels for even better Dust Extraction;
& Ndash; the thickness of the polyurethane foam of 10 mm


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